Candidate Comparison

Candidate Comparison



So, what do we know about each candidate? First, let’s use the images scattered throughout this page to gauge the state of the election. How do people feel? What are the main issues? Why do people select their candidate? Are people excited about their candidate? If so, who’s excited? And why?


At least 60% of voters had picked their candidate before hearing a single word of policy


Over 1/2 the electorate hates life

The image on the right shows 1 out of 10 people are excited about this election. More than half of the electorate feel frustrated, disgusted or scared. Nearly 1/3 are only interested, an emotionally guarded position. Less than fifteen percent are optimistic. Even less are excited. And 9 percent of us are certainly not reading this.
Generally, this data implies less radicals in our country than mainstream media footage suggests (msm). I’m not saying radicals aren’t frustrated or disgusted, and maybe I’m just making a choice. But that image makes me think most of us are pretty reasonable. Because frustrated, disgusted and/or scared is exactly how a reasonable person should feel. It makes me think that the msm is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Divide and conquer. Frustrate us into accepting the unacceptable.
The image on the left echoes the first image. 1/3 of the voting public is simply voting against the other candidate. Name an issue …. Doesn’t matter. It’s that type of election. I’m voting not [insert candidate’s opponent]. Both candidates have won at least 60% of their electorate before they even opened their mouths. In fact, considering the candidates respective likability ratings, they’re better off keeping their mouths shut.Hillary knows this. Trump doesn’t. Our media, the msm, knows it better than anyone.

Look at the biggest number for either candidate. What do the respective categories have in common?

It would seem, based on the electorate’s emotional disposition, that it’s safe for our msm to shift focus from the bigotry and misogyny and alleged “dog-whistles”, and hone in on the real issues of this campaign. That is not to say any of those issues are solved or unimportant, quite the opposite. However, they do not distinguish the candidates. For some that maybe a shocking statement, an explanation is coming.

The below left-image is similar to those we’ve already discussed. All three see America differently from the msm. Out of all voters, barely 10% would be excited if their candidate won. No matter what, 1/4 of us will be angry.
But look at what happens to Trump supporters when Trump wins. 11% of us will be angry or disappointed. It goes up to 72% if you include the relieved. Just over 1/4 will be excited. But it’s not all racist misogynists. It’s people worried about The Constitution, The Supreme Court, poor leadership, the economy, the size of federal government, 2nd amendment rights, and even the msm, to name only a few.

Notice how Trump supporters would feel if Clinton won, and how Clinton supporters would feel if Trump won. It’s identical. What does that tell you?

In the nearest above-right image, we see how voters view their candidates. It’s notable that Hillary’s experience concerns her voters more than Trump’s lack of experience concerns his voters.
Two additional things in this image conflict with the msm’s portrayal. Otherwise, this image shows remarkable similarities between the two political parties. First, Hillary’s list includes three items that deal with experience, none of which total more than 16%. An objective view of her record does not support that number. Added together, the three ‘experience’ categories total 24%. Far too low. Second, each candidate has one category in the 30’s (temperament and dishonesty). What do these things have in common? For the most part, they depend on what we’re told by the msm.

Below are two issue-polls. They both contain economy, terrorism, health care, foreign policy, immigration and race relations.pew-election-issue When combined the first 6 items take the abovewww-usnews-listed order. The rest is as follows: Washington culture, gun policy, wealth/income distribution, social security, education, Supreme Court, trade, environment, abortion, and finally, gender rights/treatment.
How has our msm done, representing these sixteen vital issues? How many social security conversations? Or Supreme Court arguments? Has it all been racism and misogyny with a dash of communism for good measure? How many discussions about education have you had? How many times has the msm discussed common core? Or trade?
Perhaps it’s more important to note that when the msm flirts with one of these issues it rarely results in productive discussion. Somehow, Russian/foreign policy talks always include that photo of Putin riding a horse. Discussions of race relations or immigration inevitably start with provocation, spiral towards ignorance and end with the inevitable indictment of words … which can’t help but “lose the name of action”. The worst of it? Our Constitution is set up in such a way that we only have ourselves to blame.
This chart shows debate issues by mention:

Voter Issues vs. Debate Issues ←download
This chart shows where the top sixteen voter issues rank by debate mention. Look at that chart and ask yourself two questions: did the networks hi-jack the debates? If so, did the result help Clinton or Trump?
Voter & Debate Issues by Network ←download
This chart shows the top five issues mentioned at the debates by network/anchor. It is painfully useless and wholly unimpressive.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton



(try not to look at his face)




He’s Racist:

This is a great reason not to vote for someone.
Unfortunately, it does not distinguish the candidates:
The 1994 crime bill was signed into law by Bill Clinton and
championed by Hillary. Eventually, the question was “debated
Of course, there’s also her “mentor“, Robert Byrd. Here’s Bill
on Byrd. Nice words, unless you look at Bill’s mentor. Then
there’s this. Goldwater voted against The Civil Rights Act, and
said he would do it again. This list goes on, but her list works.
See anything on there-race related? Or just a bunch of flip-flops?

The Russians:

If the Russians were meddling in our elections, then we’d
already be knee-deep in World War III. But that is no
argument. However, Hillary’s involved with Russia.
The Russian Reset was a disaster according to even liberal
sources. But much more disturbing is the uranium deal involving
The Clinton Foundation. Not to mention our perfect source:

You don’t have to take my word for it. Even the FBI agrees.
With ten minutes of honest research
you can find everything for yourself.

He Hates Women:

The Access Hollywood Tape is covered here.
Trump has more women executives, than men
executives. Trump’s female executives make
more than “similarly situated … male counterparts.”
Women working at The Clinton Foundation make
less than men (the link is CNN: the network involved
with this).If they do negative Hillary, then it’s done
with the least amount of damage possible. Not
to mention Hillary’s past. But first take another
look at Hillary’s list. Notice there’s no link to
a story? We can’t forget what Hillary did to
Bill’s victim’s. Yet, all victim’s deserve to be….

He Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing:

Trump ran on one platform: Washington’s a
tv-tracker-4 joke. The msm mistakenly(?) gave Trump 70% of the
republican primary coverage. While 70% of us disagree 
with the country’s direction. Was it for the ratings?
Or did they want Trump? For three months now
Trump has been way closer than the establishment
expected. And only then did the drip of wikileaks
and project veritas begin to flow. This surprisingly
close race has exposed our establishment.
Trump’s platform has expanded to “drain the swamp”
of corruption and collusion. Will he? We know Hillary won’t.

He’s Going To Build A Wall:

I don’t want a wall. I don’t think it will happen. However,
Hillary will build a wall too. And Hillary’s wall will keep
us from our government, our press and the truth.
Hillary is crooked, even for a failed, career-politician.
This crazy cycle has provided us with dispositive
evidence of unimaginable collusion. Checks and balances
don’t apply to Hillary. They will stifle Trump.




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