The term “fake news” has been adopted by the MSM. It is nothing but sleight of hand meant to cover-up the MSM’s wrongdoing. They spent over a year telling us how Hillary would be elected in a landslide. They omitted and fabricated throughout, sure they’d be able to dictate the outcome. Well, they were wrong. Now, their pre-election trustworthiness of 6% is in decline. Obviously, the MSM has determined an apology is not in order. And so it continues to distract and peddle a narrative that can only be described as propaganda. A big mistake, as Americans are very forgiving. As are most empathetic people.

Remember, this all started with Google. After Trump won, the MSM was in panic-mode, trying to account for its unforgivable “miscalculation”. The first “fake news” talk was about Facebook communications. Laughable. It’s gossip. Not news, whether real or fake. Funnier? The reason people rely on social media for news is because they don’t trust the MSM.

Soon, “fake news” acquired a face. CNN. Trump was willing to call them out by name. Something enjoyed by all Constitution/Truth loving Americans.

Trump’s willingness to do so forced the MSM to stop the blame game, and put forth an actual defense. Of course, it didn’t have one.

Instead, we get conflation. All of the sudden, “fake news” equals free press. And Trump is unAmerican. Rest assured, he is not. There are only two relevant unAmerican things here: our colluding, conflating press and saying, that is unAmerican.

I will expand when I have time, with evidence. In the meantime, read the rest of the MSM category, and don’t fall for their shenanigans. Our country depends on it.

“Fake news” is our enemy. We rely on a free press to keep our government in check. That is what Trump is saying. A fair and free press is simply the MSM’s latest attempt to distract from the truth. The exact opposite of what it should be doing.