What The MSM Won’t Cover

What The MSM Won’t Cover

This cycle, the answer to the title of this page is truth. Below are two relevant sources. Whether or not you choose to believe them, you should know them.

For those of you distrusting of Wikileaks:

Don’t ask, “why wouldn’t Wikileaks say they have a perfect record?” Instead, find the establishment’s irrefutable¬†invalidation.

For those of you unwilling to look because our establishment says it’s Russia:

The Truth has no nationality

Not to mention, there is no proof of Russian involvement and Wikileaks denies it (their whole purpose it to open governments).

For those of you that have a problem with Project Veritas. I’m sure your objection is covered here.

Every voter should watch the videos O’keefe has produced.



These sources can be used to find … not truth, necessarily, but they will certainly help you recognize dishonesty. They will lead you in the direction of truth:

This is a 2016 Candidate Tracker. It tracks “mentions” by candidate and network. There are additional links in the introduction (the graphs/charts are interactive).

The Media Research Center has been combating bias in our media for almost thirty years.

Politifactbias is a good resource. Yes, we even have to question the fact-checkers.

Wikileaks is the only reason I haven’t gone insane.

Keep in mind, a lot comes out every day.

No source is beyond verification



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