Trump’s alleged victim’s/accusers

Trump’s alleged victim’s/accusers
[Keep this in mind: Hillary Clinton represents four out of our last five presidents coming from two families. How many times have you heard your “news” source mention that?]

In many of the twelve cases, what Donald Trump is accused of is despicable. I am not here to defend him. However, accusation is very different from conviction or admission and the manner in which these stories unraveled deserves our consideration.

Sexual assault is a criminal charge. It has a definition. It has elements that must be satisfied for a conviction. Sexual assault is a real issue and as I said I am not here to defend Trump. However, at this point, we do not have dispositive evidence to connect the two. Trump did NOT admit to sexual assault on the “Access Hollywood Tape” (AHT) as every network suggested and repeated on loop, and the entire scandal depends upon that intentional mischaracterization; my analysis is here
Mainstream media (msm) coverage has been reckless and irresponsible. Not only has it obliterated the seriously pressing issues of this election cycle, it has all but guaranteed that the issue of sexual assault, brought up strictly for political purposes, will die on election day.
Immediately after the tape’s release the networks inundated us with two straight weeks of around the clock coverage. Outside of a few commentators, coverage of this issue has already slowed to a crawl.

Then, the election was “over”.
Now, no one knows what to think.
All the while, a very real issue might not even survive UNTIL election day.
You can’t blame Trump for that.
Not to mention “innocent until proven guilty” is a cornerstone of our criminal justice system. The bigger the establishment, the more important that cornerstone becomes. Yes the alleged behavior is unacceptable, but conviction by press is unconstitutional. One ruins many lives. The other ruins an entire country.
I am not saying Trump didn’t do it. I am not saying the women are lying.
I am saying, with this entire website, that even if he did more, he would still be a better choice for our country than Hillary Clinton.
The origin of this story reveals the true motives of democrats, the press and many republicans etc. (the establishment). They don’t oppose Trump because of some moral repulsion; instead, the opposition exists because he threatens their collusion, not our way of life.
There are two sources below. The first is extremely conservative. The second is extremely liberal. I challenge you to read the conservative article first and view the liberal article through its lens.
Betsy McCaughey is a Trump surrogate and much more. Her article mostly makes a reasoned case against the media, not the women. If you view the allegations/analysis below while keeping in mind McCaughey’s article and this AHT discussion, then your opinion will change. The sexual predator will become more of an alleged aggressor.
Steve Benen is a producer for “The Rachel Maddow Show”. His article contains a link to a biography and a link for every woman who has come forward. Since he wrote his article a twelfth woman has emerged.
Below you will find a brief summary of each accusation:
[Trump denies all allegations.]
Kristen Andersen
alleged incident occurred in the early 90’s in a night club
-Trump allegedly reached up her skirt
-came forward: Trump’s answer, crudeness of the AHT tape, solidarity with alleged victims
-questionable memory
-after the event Kristen and her friends “sort of brushed it off and moved on.”
-never officially reported
Gloria Allred. It should be noted that Allred is heavily involved with the democratic party.


Rachel Crooks
alleged incident occurred in 2005 at Trump Tower
-Trump allegedly kissed her on the lips, during introduction; would not let go of handshake
-came forward: saw New York Times’ story on Temple Taggart Mcdowell
-immediately called sister; reported to boyfriend
-contributed small amount to Clinton
-never officially reported


Jessica Leeds
alleged incident occurred “35 years ago” on an airplane
-allegedly Trump was like an octopus, including reaching up her skirt
-stewardess asked if she would like to sit in front class
-chatting back and forth; after dinner “arm rest in seat disappeared”
-”If he had stuck with the upper part of the body I might not have gotten … I might not have gotten that upset.”
-“women didn’t come forward then”; eventually she got up and went back to coach
-came forward: “year and a half ago when it became apparent Trump could be president”
-never officially reported


Jessica Drake
alleged incident occurred in 2006 in a hotel room
-Trump allegedly hugged and kissed her and two female companions in his hotel room without permission
-adult film star
-after leaving the room “Trump or someone acting on his behalf” offered 10K for her to return
-Drake says she is neither seeking compensation nor fame
-Drake met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament; Trump asked to go for a walk; Trump asked for her phone number; Trump called and invited her over; Drake brought two friends
-allegedly, after Drake rejected two social invitations, Trump said, “What do you want? How much?”
-Drake claims to have told friends, but won’t name them “out of respect….”
-came forward because of Trump tape
-Gloria Allred


Jill Harth-
multiple alleged incidents in the 90’s
-met Trump through the pageant industry
-claims to have “rebuffed his repeated, and unending sexual advances.”
-allegedly, Trump was showing Harth a mural in Ivanka’s room, then pushing her “up against the wall, and was making a move … and was all over me….”
-says “there were people around”
-in 1995 American Dream, Harth’s company, sued Trump for breach of contract.
-Harth filed harrassment charges in 1997 after an alleged lewd comment by Trump: “see I told you she was a great piece of ass.”
-Harth “quickly withdrew it after she said Trump agreed to settle with her husband on the contract claims.” She “was under the control of her husband who was kind of the boss, I wanted to be over with and done with.”
-Harth claims to have withdrawn the harassment suit as a condition of the business settlement
-suit filed/withdrawn


Cathy Heller-
alleged incident happened at family brunch at Mar-a-Lago “some 20 years ago”
-met Trump that day
-upon introduction Trump allegedly “took [her] hand, and grabbed [her], and went for the lips….”
-Heller says, “she leaned backwards to avoid him” almost losing her balance
-allegedly Trump said, “Oh, come on.” And tried to kiss her on the lips
-an unnamed relative and Susan Klein (“the friend who was emailing with Heller” [over the years]) gave “accounts that matched Heller’s”
-Heller “believes she has … attended a party where the Clintons were present.”
-Heller donated $2700 dollars to Clinton’s campaign
-Heller’s husband’s family is attempting to recover initiation fees from Mar-a-Lago
-came forward because of video and friend support
-never officially reported


Temple Taggart McDowell-
Met Trump through Miss USA pageants in 1997
-allegedly introduced to Trump by her father.
-allegedly Trump embraced her and kissed her on the lips in front of her father and later in front of three other people
-allegedly Trump offered to advance her career
-says she went along because Trump was the pageant owner
-came forward because of the video
-never officially reported
-Gloria Allred


Mindy McGillivray-
allegedly groped at Mar-a-Lago 13 years ago
-alleges Trump nudged or almost grabbed her buttox. She didn’t see it happen
-came forward because of Coopers’s “follow-up question”
-told her companion moments after the incident who didn’t see it but “he has never had any reason to doubt McGillivray.”
-never officially reported


Natasha Stoynoff-
was Trump beat reporter in early 2000’s
-conducted 1-year anniversary interview at Mar-a-Lago
-”very-pregnant Melania” left to change
-allegedly Trump “had” to show her a room
-allegedly Trump “shut the door behind” them; “within seconds he was pushing [her] against the wall and forcing his tongue down [her] throat
-allegedly the butler entered the room to alert Trump of Melania’s return
-told close friends and family
-went to spa appointment the next day at Mar-a-Lago
-says she was told Trump had been waiting for her, but had to leave as she was running late
-she says she received the massage with her eyes “on the doorknob the entire time.”
-never officially reported


Karena Virginia:
says she first met Trump in 1998, waiting for a car
-allegedly Trump and a group of men objectified her
-allegedly Trump grabbed her “right arm, then his hand touched the right inside of [her] breast.”
-she says she saw Trump again around 5 years ago in a business setting where Trump looked her “up and down a few times.”
-came forward because of the video
-never officially reported
-Gloria Allred


Summer Zervos-
contestant on the 5th season of The Apprentice
-allegedly she was “sexually harassed and assaulted” by Trump “kissing her on the lips and groping her breasts and body.”
-she told a friend “more than 5 years ago” (Ann Russo)
-Zervos’ cousin John Barry claims she is looking for the spotlight again
-Barry credits Zervos for converting friends and family to Trump supporters through praise of Trump
-Zervos claims Barry is motivated by a family dispute
-Barry denies this claim
-came forward because of Cooper’s “follow-up” question
-never officially reported
-Gloria Allred


Ninni Laaksonen-
former Miss Finland alleged Trump grabbed her butt backstage in 2006
-allegedly, Trump stood next to her while waiting to be called on stage and grabbed her butt
-alleges someone told her Trump liked her because she looked like a young Melania
-did not go to outlets, but responded to a solicitation to “Finnish women who had encountered Trump.”
-never officially reported


[Trump denies all allegations.]
below-listed are discussions/analysis/debunking attempts

LA Times

The Political Insider

The Gateway Pundit

There are many other articles like these. However, I am not here to defend. My argument is as follows: the msm’s apparent outrage is manufactured to achieve political ends. The coverage ensures it. It was very likely coordinated to some extent. I am not saying all twelve accusers were involved, or any of them for that matter. But they’ve had the AHT tape for eleven years. The Clinton’s may have known about it since March, and the msm did what they were told. Freedom cannot survive in this climate.

Michael D’Antonio is not wholly unrelated to NBC. His book covered Trump’s reality show (in case it’s not obvious enough this is speculation). But it is possible that he had the AHT in his possession, during that meeting.


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