Conclusion on the Trump sex scandal

Conclusion on the Trump sex scandal
First, Lincoln needs revision. Strike men. Insert men and women.
The msm’s treatment of this scandal thrusts ‘the how’ into the spotlight and diminishes ‘the what’. The real story shifts from potential victims to the proverbial “them” telling us what to think. “Them” forcing upon us a lack of choice, only to make the final decision themselves.
The establishment intentionally mischaracterized the AHT to bash Trump.
Trump will expose the establishment. Hillary will only grow it until it crushes us.
And on November 9th, no matter whom we’ve elected, we are going to have an alleged sexual predator living in The White House (apologies to Stein, Johnson and McMullin). If nothing else, then you need to find another reason not to vote for Trump.
Even the Clinton campaign was aware of this.
For those of you that say Bill’s not on the ticket:

This memo mentions a company called Teneo of which this article paints an interesting picture. I am not saying you should believe everything you read there, but it is more than enough to start with.

So there’s never existed two greater evils from which Americans must pick the lesser? It might as well be the person not only willing to stand up to the establishment but the one who is hated and feared by them. That is when the people win.

If you vote for Hillary, then you are accepting total corruption and asking to be lied to, you are condoning the negligence of our press and you are surrendering whatever sovereignty you have left. The most notable thing your vote won’t be … is a vote for women’s rights.


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