Why I’m here

Why I’m here


The Establishment


                                                                                                                                the people


I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. You can find my motivation and beliefs here and here.
Rest assured, there is dispositive evidence throughout this site for the ridiculous claims I am about to make.
The articles on this site will illustrate how the “establishment” has grown too large. I will demonstrate why this cannot be allowed to continue.
Yes, America has always survived. However, the establishment has never been so big, and there has never been such a coordinated, systematic attack on the first five and most important of our fundamental rights.
This election is not about republicans vs. democrats. It’s not about race, gender or religion. It’s not about nationalism vs. globalism. It’s not about the economy, foreign policy or the environment. It’s not about the lesser of two evil candidates.
It is “the establishment” vs. the people.
It is us vs. them, and by us …
I mean you and me.


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