I do not belong to a political party. A two-party system is inherently flawed, and set-up for stagnation. I believe that the “states are the laboratories of democracy”. I believe in a minimal federal government. At the same time, I believe that no one should want for nourishment or medical care or equal opportunity. I don’t own a gun. I don’t like guns. But, I am pro-second amendment. I would rather live in a society that creates better people through love and education. I would rather live in a society that removes the causes of discontent and radicalism, over removing sometime useful tools and restricting its citizens (I have since purchased a shotgun). I believe in a woman’s right to choose. Simultaneously, I believe in the viable fetus’ right to live. It is common sense that a government has an interest in protecting future life. I believe in legalizing drugs. Humans are given but one life that we know of; who the hell am I to tell them what to do with it? I don’t care about your marriage; to all: enter at your own risk, and I will respect your wishes. I believe there is no inherent, material difference between a man and a woman. Obviously, there are differences. In certain contexts there will be material differences; however, performing the job of The President of The United States is not one of those contexts. I don’t believe in capital punishment; what if we’re sending them to a better place? Yet, by far, the thing I believe in most of all is truth, and facing it no matter how painful. Forcing the racist to speak respectfully does not solve racism, it makes it harder to locate, and therefore harder to educate. Giving someone a job because of their skin color creates more anger and separation. However, I do not deny that privilege exists. Just ask yourself: would you rather be white or black? I hypothesize people will settle on their skin color, but most whites will answer immediately, some blacks will hesitate. Not because of any inherent, material difference, but because, in America, it is better to be white. Privilege is a serious problem, stemming from our history that all should recognize. Finally, we believe what we know but only know what we’re shown; let’s open up our minds a little.

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