Fake news vs. Free press

Fake news vs. Free press

President Trump has never attacked the concept of a free press. He has never even said the words free press in his media attacks. Instead, he always uses some variation of fake news. Fake press. Lying networks. Fake news media, etc.

Without fail, the media always changes it to free press.

Why? It should be quite obvious.

But first, let’s make one thing very clear: a free press is absolutely vital to our country’s continued health. No American that has ever lived would argue otherwise. We the people run this country. And we the people know only what our press tells us. That is the fundamental reason it is protected by the very first of amendments.

So why not just report what Trump actually says? After all, the mainstream media (MSM) manipulates truth at great cost. It is an outright admission of fake news. An irony too great to bear if it wasn’t so grossly overshadowed by the MSM’s rationale: that its viewers are too ignorant to know better.

If the MSM doesn’t change Trump’s words, then it is forced into a losing position. It must argue that fake news is not the enemy of the people. And considering the press’s vital role in American society that would be patently absurd.

So it lies.

But Trump is a liar? He is. Not as much as the MSM suggests. But he is. However, America has survived exactly forty-four lying presidents. A forty-fifth does not present any unknowns. Whereas, we have never seen such a dishonest, agenda-driven press in this country. And we have no clue as to whether or not we’ll survive it. If Americans have to choose between a lying president and a lying press, then we should happily choose president, every single cycle. The reason is obvious. An honest press will expose a dishonest president, allowing the bosses of this country to make informed decisions. But a lying press will never expose itself, and it will leave America ignorant and divided.

The American Press has one duty. It is not to determine right from wrong. It is not to lead us towards any specific goal. It is not to promote. Or to omit. Or to expose. Or to protect. It is none of those things. Instead, the press is there to tell us facts. Nothing more. So that we can decide our fate.

Obviously, there is a difference between political commentary and news. There is a difference between journalists and opinions hosts. Political commentary helps us see multiple sides, it promotes thought and helps us navigate our way through policies and positions. But news must first provide us with the accurate and relevant information or tools to build consensus. The same is true for journalists and opinions hosts. The former distributes factual information. The latter pressure tests how we’ve incorporated said facts into our world view. Without one, we are defenseless against the other. We want both. But we only need the facts.

The President of The United States is supposed to protect America and defend our Constitution. The American Press is supposed to tell us facts.

Who is doing their job better? Who is making our jobs harder?