Security Clearances

Security Clearances

Left to right: Comey, Clapper, McCabe, Rice, Brennan, Hayden 

Once again, the mainstream media (MSM) is sounding the alarm. According to the left, the authoritarian is purging witness lists by improperly revoking security clearances. It’s a story of great men and women defamed by an evil dictator. Or sometimes of brave whistle-blowers risking all to shed light on the Russian menace. Always of selfless, public-servants dedicated to an otherwise helpless citizenry.

So why don’t they ever include the whole truth?¬†Sure, pettiness is one option for Trump’s actions. But there are many others that the MSM never mentions.

Political affiliation will most likely dictate reaction to what’s below. But that doesn’t matter. The point of this is to ask why doesn’t the MSM ever include this information.

John Brennan

John Brennan has lied to Congress. He went on national television and called Trump treasonous because of words when all of Trump’s actions are anti-Putin. He did so under the guise of inside information. He failed to act like a currently employed CIA agent, which is a requirement for keeping security clearance. He allegedly worked-at least wrongfully and possibly criminally-against Trump in 2016.

James Clapper

James Clapper has also lied to Congress. He changed the talking points on Benghazi. He called Trump unfit for office.

Michael Hayden

Michael Hayden has called Trump and supporters Nazis. He’s suspected to have lied to Congress (he denies it).

Bruce Ohr

Bruce Ohr worked with Steele. His wife worked for FUSION GPS (producer of Steele dossier).

Susan Rice

Susan Rice was part of a last minute meeting with Obama to exclude Russian meddling intelligence from the Trump campaign. She lied to the American people about Benghazi and the Trump campaign surveillance. She also sought unmasking of American citizens.

Sally Yates

Sally Yates was also part of the last minute meeting. She failed to implement legitimate Trump policy. And she signed at least one FISA warrant request.

James Comey

Andrew McCabe

Peter Strzok

Lisa Page

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page not only changed the language in the investigation into Hillary, they talked of an insurance plan against Trump and more.