The MSM’s Narrative of Contradictions

The MSM’s Narrative of Contradictions




Trump is an authoritarian …

that is very strong on the Second Amendment. Of course, making him the first authoritarian in history to arm his subjects.

Trump is Putin’s puppet …

that acts completely contrary to Putin’s desires by modernizing America’s nuclear arsenal, arming Ukraine, expelling diplomats, closing embassies, killing Russian soldiers in Syria and more. That Trump maintains diplomacy does not make him a puppet.

Trump is too hard on KJU (fire and fury).

Trump is too accommodating to KJU (summit). And the middle ground is where past administrations have failed for three decades.

Trump received nothing for granting KJU a summit.

Trump received a commitment to denuclearize. Trump secured the return of three hostages. Trump secured the return of American Soldiers’ remains.

Trump attacks a free press.

Trump has never done so. He has always attacked fake news.

Trump is a racist and will set the country back.

Positive minority employment trends have continued under Trump.

Trump will tank the economy and crash the stock market.

Both economic growth and the stock market have shown dramatic gains under Trump.

Trump doesn’t care about Americans.

Pick any Trump policy and apply the following test: if it works will America benefit most?

Every policy instituted by Trump has put America and Americans first. Likelihood of success can be debated; the motive cannot.

Trump’s tax cuts were for the rich and corporations.

Example Of course the reporter inverts the headline.

Eight of ten Americans pay less in federal taxes.

Trump and Trump alone ripped babies from their mothers.

The Obama administration also did this.

Trump is anti-American and un-American.

The media takes foreigners and globalists side in every instance. EU, NATO, NAFTA, TPP, etc.

Trump will be impeached due to collusion. Collusion isn’t a crime. Collusion is just another way of saying conspiracy or witness tampering. You know, the obstruction crimes.

So, either we were trying to mislead you for over two years, or we didn’t do our homework. Either way, we were negligent beyond belief and failed you beyond recompense.

Trump committed sexual assault during the AHT tapes.

Trump specifically said in that tape that he failed and that they let you do it. The former necessarily meaning that he didn’t do whatever he wanted. The latter implying consent. But the media never even mentioned that.

Trump is a xenophobe.

His wife is a foreigner.

Trump imposed a Muslim ban.

Example Supreme Court says the ban only impacts 8% of Muslims.

Trump’s travel ban leaves over 90% of the Muslim world untouched.